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Fuel Injection System

In petrol engines in modern cars, injection systems take care of preparing the fuel mixture.
When using a controlled catalytic converter, a precisely metered, variable distribution of the fuel is imperative. This requirement can only be optimally met by electronically-controlled fuel injection.

The central injection system meters the fuel via an injection nozzle to all cylinders. However, multipoint injection is more efficient and economical.

With this system, there is one injector to meter the fuel for each cylinder. The mixture formation (carburation) is usually carried out immediately before the injection valve in the intake manifold.

The electronically-controlled fuel injection provides for the formation of the ideal mixture in each cylinder. This achieves high engine performance, low fuel consumption and good exhaust characteristics.

Multipoint injection, as used at SEAT for all petrol models, fulfils this objective by individual carburation in each cylinder which results in silent running and reduced pollutant emissions.

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