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Family Cars.

Just when you thought that family cars meant no fun, along come the stylish Ateca, the spacious Alhambra, the versatile Leon ST and the latest model from SEAT: the SEAT Tarraco large SUV.

There is nothing quite like a successful family road trip, where all feel safe on board in a spacious car, the kids stay entertained during part of the journey with the latest technology, the comfort brings nice chats, games, a delightful mood, and the driver is assisted by top technology and safety features such as lane assist, adaptive front-lighting system, and traffic sign recognition.

Do you see yourself in this ideal family trip? You can take it with one of our family cars. From SUVs to minivans or estate cars, these vehicles will make you take the roads with the certainty that your family is safe, your pockets aren’t hit hard thanks to fuel efficient engines and the driving experience is fun and looking great with a delicate and sporty design.

SEAT Ateca

The award winning 4Drive, 4x4 system (4WD, or “4-wheel drive”) SEAT Ateca was the first SUV for families produced by SEAT, being now one of our top selling cars thanks to its stylish design, latest technology and high performance.

Get lost off-road with the Full Link Technology that will keep you connected to the world, and just worry about enjoying your new SEAT Ateca, because this family car will do everything for you with the help of the Traffic Jam Assist, Blind Spot detection, Front Assist and much more.

Choose your preferred version, from a classic Reference to a sporty FR. Pick the Ateca Xcellence if you want an elegant touch or opt for the Style for a classy look.

We encourage you to try it out if you want your family to ride safely and with full comfort.


If you are in love with the design and sportiness of a SEAT Leon but need some extra space, this is your best choice. The SEAT Leon ST is distinctive, elegant, refined and has space for the entire family: keep the great style and enjoy the extra room to fit anything from extra luggage to sports accessories in this estate car with a big boot, ideal to fulfil the needs of your family.

The right technology makes this family car even more attractive thanks to its High Beam Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition and Adaptive Cruise Control Pack, among other features. We give you all the facilities to enjoy every ride.

This comfortable car also provides a better fuel efficiency and fewer emissions with the best performance. Get yours in the version that suits you best: fancy an elegant family car? Choose a SEAT Leon ST Xcellence or a Style, make it sporty with the attitude of an FR or come down to earth with a Reference. 

SEAT Alhambra

This is indeed the best minivan for a large family because it has capacity for 7 people plus a generous boot for extra luggage to meet all the needs of each family member. A big vehicle to accompany you on your daily routines and to take you on exciting road trips.

With 2430 litres of capacity, the SEAT Alhambra can be filled up with a lot of accessories and funny stories. This spacious minivan with sliding doors makes it easy to handle any amount of trips in town with your kids or the weekend getaways with plenty of outdoor activities.

It is also equipped with the latest advances in technology for family cars, with a virtual pedal to open the boot hands-free or a massage seat after a busy day at work or in the mountains. It also includes many safety features to keep your family safe and yourself secure and assisted at the wheel.

SEAT Tarraco

Our range of family cars is getting bigger with the new SEAT Tarraco, a 7-seater large SUV, ideal for families and weekend getaways. Although it fits in the SUV cars category, the Tarraco is still certainly a great vehicle to enjoy with the whole family, as it is built with capacity to fit all kind of sports accessories, and engineered to take any road you choose to live the best adventures.

Since this is the newest car reveal from SEAT, this SUV features the best technology ever engineered by us. The SEAT Tarraco is stylish, sporty and inspiring. Take the roads as you wish with its sliding and folding 7 seats, ready to adapt to your life and all your plans.

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